Amber Ren is a visual development artist specializing in background paint, color styling, and children’s book illustration.

Spending the first half of her life in China and the second half in America, Amber is heavily influenced by her bicultural background. She enjoys animation and illustration from both the East and the West. Her diverse interest and cultural background are evident in her work such as the European fairy tale parodies and the Chinese ethnic group project.

At CalArts, her third year film “Once Upon A…” was selected for the Producers’ Show which later screened at the RiverRun Film Festival. Between illustrating cover art for “Bravest Warriors” and making animated short films, she did background and color design as well as development work for various studios such as Warner Bros Animation and Disney TV. Her works were exhibited at Nerdist ShowRoom at Meltdown Comics in 2015 and at QPop in 2016. Amber graduated from CalArts in 2015.

Amber is currently working as a Visual Development Artist at Dreamworks TV and illustrating picture books during her free time. Her debut picture book BECAUSE written by Mo Willems releases in March 2019. 

Job Inquiry

Amber is currently being represented by Jen Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary Agency for children's book illustration. For other type of job inquiries, please contact Amber directly via e-mail

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